This past weekend we had a chance to take a run in the new Nike Football Dark Lightning pack with Anti-Clog technology. We met up with the Nike crew in midtown Manhattan and then took a bus up to the Bronx at a private school in Riverdale, NY. The track was icy, muddy and basically comprised of the worst possible conditions you could run into while playing a match. We first strapped on  the firm ground cleats to get a feel for what it was like to play without the Anti-Clog technology on our feet. It was obviously a less than graceful performance, with most of us skating around the field trying to keep our footing. After a few games in the firm ground cleats, we then laced up the Anti-Clogs to compare the effects in performance between the two. These boots literally repel the mud giving you dramatically better traction than I have ever had playing on a muddy track. For a player who needs dynamic footwork on the pitch, these are a vital tool to have in your bag. Big ups to the Nike fam for having us out, this product is phenomenal and we couldn’t be happier to add this pair to the collection for the next rainy day. Take a look at our recap below and let us know what you think about the boots!

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