We are kicking off our new GRLA Select Series with a talented young photographer named Daniel Kobin. Daniel is a contributor for Soccer.com and currently attends the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. We got to the chance to meet Danny while out in Portland for the NWSL Final and began to learn about the project he was putting together featuring the termination of his school’s varsity men’s soccer program. Here is a short synopsis on the project and a preview of the photos that accompany detailed interviews from players and coaches. This is the Final Chapter:(click for video)

“The Final Chapter was a project to capture the sights of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh men’s soccer program’s 2015 season. Earlier this year the university announced that the program would be cut following this season due to budget cuts. Any efforts to save the program have been rejected by the administration, and there has yet to be a clear reason given as to why the program is being cut. The Final Project showcases the athletic side of being a student-athlete. As a Division III athlete, no athletic scholarships are offered, so the student-athletes are playing only for the love of the game.” -Daniel Kobin

See more from Danny on his instagram @Daniel_Kobin.