Nike product designer extraordinaire Nathan Vanhook, took us through the design process of the new Magista ll boot. The cleat itself is impeccable and learning more about the 2 year process that it took to get to it’s final stage makes us really appreciate the end product. We can’t wait for the women to rep these new boots in Rio and see how the competition feels as they are racking up more and more goals in their route to a gold medal. The Ordem 4 ball is another Nike break through design, as the amount of grip and texture this ball has optimizes the control for each player that comes in contact with it. It’s hard to explain but being able to product test both the Magista and the Ordem 4, it was like playing with a string attached to your foot and the ball. Almost not even fair to the opposing team. This was our last hoorah on the Nike Campus and getting a glimpse behind the scenes and hearing how Nike keeps furthering the potential for athletes is amazing. As I said on Instagram, it’s like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory when it comes to innovation and design. Thanks again for the great trip and hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what we saw along the journey to Portland.

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