Earlier this week we had Neymar Jr. visit NYC to make soccer history and unveil his NJR x Jumpman Hypervenom collaboration at Terminal 23. The house was packed with Neymar fans providing a convenient sidewalk blockage for the midtown commuters getting off of work. You got to love that New York fuck you attitude as I was shouldered twice by angry women looking to get through the chaos. Anyways, the release was sick with freestylers from around the globe helping show off the new Nike Hypervenom. Attendees included Steve Nash, Victor Oladipo, Nick Rimando and even Mason Plumlee watched as Neymar made his appearance. The crowd filled the court when Neymar entered and it was quite the site seeing how excited the kids were who were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Brazilian legend. Here’s a recap of the event below, thanks to the fam at Nike for having us out:


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