I found myself in the Upper West Side yesterday and decided to see what Riverside Park had to offer. Never spend too much time in this part of New York, so it was fun to explore the upper part of Manhattan(other than being caught in a down pour with no umbrella). As you can see from the picture below, the entrance to find this is at W 103 street. I’ve come to terms that if you really want to find something, you’ll find it. So there’s no reason to be stingy with the locations, enjoy my friends. The field is tucked away in a grove of trees which must look amazing when the leaves are back. I think the best part of these photo missions is being able to find nature in the midst of this concrete jungle. Even though cars are whizzing by, there’s a calming feeling with the trees and birds around you. Hope you can find some vibes this weekend, make sure you send them our way to get a feature on our Instagram! #footyvibes #findyourpitch

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