We took a journey out west to Portland, Oregon this past weekend with the Unlimited You crew, and were graciously hosted by our friends at Nike. When we arrived Nike already slated us some dope gear, and this was just the kick off for the weekend. Later that day, we headed to the Portland Timbers vs. the Seattle Sounders game. This was my first time hitting a Timbers game so I was stoked to see what the culture was going to bring. Being able to walk up to the stadium through the town already gave it a European vibe and once we were within distance all you saw was an onslaught of green huddled around Providence Park. The energy that the fans brought was something that I wasn’t accustomed to seeing from the MLS games I’ve been too. There was an aura in the stadium and it wasn’t just projected by the designated fan section. Everyone was into it and even the security people took the liberty to give you a history run down of the stadium if you wanted to hear more about it. This wasn’t just a game, this was a slice of culture right from the amicable people of Portland. Scope out the vibe we caught from the game below:


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